Sketch Sheets

This is a record of how it started and the development of the emerging style. Over the early hot summer I drew our holidays and places we came across. These are A4 sketch book sheets in chronological order. The first ones took about 5 mins, but over time they got more colourful and detailed.

sheet totness 1000

Sketch Sheet – Totness
Visiting friends in Totness. The World Cup was still on, thanks to a pie cafe that let us share a match around a crowded laptop. We won 2 – 0.

sheet st winnow 1000

Sketch Sheet – St Winnow
Great little campsite near Loo. Porta-loo and a tap. St Winnow consists a farm, a camping field, a church and an quirky agriculture museum crammed into a barn. 

sheet tropical pressure weekend 1000

Sketch Sheet – Pre Tropical Pressure Festival
On-site early to enjoy a few days pre-festival. Stevo joins us.

sheet tropical pressure festival 1000

Sketch Sheet – Tropical Pressure Festival
Amazing and beautiful festival in Cornwall. Recommended. Set in an eco park with great attention to detail. Afro-Caribbean music all weekend.

sheet st agnes 1000

Sketch Sheet – St Agnes
10 minutes drive from the festival, a couple of days on a nice campsite.

sheet bucklegrove 1000

Sketch Sheet – Bucklegrove Campsite
A stop-off with friends at Bucklegrove campsite near Wells in Somerset.Very nice.

sheet - albert 1000

Sketch Sheet – The Albert

Back in Stroud and a trip to my favourite local pub The Prince Albert.

sheet chalfest 1000

Sketch Sheet – Chalfest
And then Chalfest. Hats off to Dan and the organisers of this one. Great one day-er, right in Chalford. Tons of local bands and a few names, and plenty of community spirit.

sheet womad 1 1000

Sketch Sheet – Womad
Followed on the heels by Womad, just down the road. By now I was getting a bit carried away, hence 3 sheets.

sheet womad 2 1000

Sketch Sheet – Womad
More Womad. This was the weekend the weather changed as the wind picked up across the site.

sheet womad 3 1000

Sketch Sheet – Womad
Had a great time at Womad, hi to the flag crew camp that always make me welcome. Heatwave over! and it never came back.

And from here I gave up the sheets and started using A6 sketchbooks.

yellow dance bar tiny 1920 2